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Facts about playing cards

Facts about playing cards

Just like the facts of other gambling areas, playing cards are also filled with some interesting and very amazing facts you all must know. So, let’s explore some of them one by one.

The reason behind 52 number of cards in a deck

We all know that there are 52 cards in a deck, but did you ever try to know the logic behind this? Actually, the 52 number of cards on a deck represents the 52 weeks of the year. We know that one year contains 365 or 366 days. Now if we divide this number by seven, which is the number of days in a week, we get 52.

Representation of four main seasons of a year

Now if one will ask you to find out the four-season of a year in a deck of cards, how would you get that. Don’t bother yourself as we are going to tell you how it shows the four seasons. The four different suits of the cards that are club, spade, diamond and heart show the four seasons of any year that is winter, summer, rainy season and spring.

Day and Night

Now if we will ask you to search where there is day and where there is night in the playing cards, what will you answer?  You must have observed that all suits of playing cards are made of just two colours that are red and black. The black colour indicates the night and the red one indicates the day.

Four kings of the four suits

We know that there are four kings in a deck of cards. Each suit owns one king. However, did you ever try to know who are the four kings in a deck? The four kings represent the four mighty kings from the past. The king of spade represents king David. The king of the club represents the king who once had the great desire to conquer the whole world. He represents the king Alexander the Great. The king of the heart represents the king Julius Caesar who was killed under a conspiracy by his best friend Brutus and the king of Diamond represents the king Charles VII who was the ruler of France.

These are just a few of the facts which you got to know above. If you want to know more about it, you may google that anytime and witness some really very interesting other facts about playing cards.

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