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Top 7 Online Video Poker Games With Maximum RTP

Top 7 Online Video Poker Games With Maximum RTP

Gamblers look for video poker games offering maximum RTP. This article lists top 7 online video poker games that offer higher payout.

Video pokers are very popular among gamblers. Some games even provide 100% return to the player (RTP). This article discusses the top seven online video poker games that deliver the highest payout bonuses and RTP.

Deuces Wild

The game is so named because the deuces here are too wild. It provides a fantastic opportunity of forming unique hands, plus five-of-a-kind and four deuces. Moreover, this game is the best video poker of all time since it offers the best payback up to 100.76 RTP.

Joker Poker

Also known as Joker Wild, this game is slightly different from the others as it adds a joker wildcard to the deck, thus making a 53-cards deck. It is quite similar to Deuces Wild as it also uses the Joker wildcard. Unlike Deuces Wild, this game uses only one wild card, making it easier to obtain minimum qualifying hands. Ideally, this game provides 100.64% RTP.

10/7/5 Double Bonus

Under the condition of four of a kind hand, this game generally offers larger payouts. Apart from this, it also gives bonuses for four aces and four twos through fours. You will receive 10 coins for a full house, 7 for a flush, and 5 for a straight. You can get up to 100.17 % RTP if you follow perfect strategies.

10/6 Double Double Bonus

You will get even more bonus payouts with this game. Moreover, four aces plus a kicker (2-4) and four 2s through 4s plus a kicker (2-4) get bigger incentives (A-4). The version of this game that provides 10 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush is the best-suited one for gamblers. This game offers an RTP of 100.07%, which is a pretty great value for the wagers.

All Aces

It is developed by one of the renowned game providers Microgaming. This game is very similar to Double Bonus, but it pays more bonus than the latter. Moreover, you can look for 400 coins for 4 aces. With bigger bonuses, this game is the highest-paying online video poker game. It is available only to those live casinos which have Microgaming games.

Aces and Eights

In this game, you will only get bonuses for aces and eights. The other four of a kind get lesser payouts except for the four sevens. RealTime Gaming delivers the highest payout for this game up to 99.78% RTP out of the other versions.

Not So Ugly Ducks

It is an alternate form of Deuces Wild. Though it is similar, it has earned its own identity from its cool name. It does not offer the paybacks that Deuces Wild provides. Though it has such complexities, it still offers a decent RTP of 99.73%.


The games covered in this list provide the highest paybacks, including four of them giving 100% RTP. It is tough to find video pokers that provide RTP above 103%. However, you can get the highest-paying video poker games from reputed sites like  UFABET. The site offers a wide range of games. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite games and have fun.

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