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Slot Variance: Calculation And Factors Behind It

Slot Variance: Calculation And Factors Behind It

Slot variance often affects the game. However, what affects the slot variance? Find a few interesting pieces of information here.

Slot variance is quite a common term for an avid online slot player. The variance often helps a player determine its nature and reward possibilities. This article will find a method to calculate the slot variance and factors that affect the slot variance.

Calculation of Slot Variance

Slot variance is the unit to measure the frequency of hitting the jackpot of a slot game and the average jackpot size.

Calculating slot variance often involves complicated mathematical equations and probability and statistics. But, there are a few simple rules that you can use to find a rough idea about the variance level of an onlineĀ game slot.

Here is the thumb rule that experts usually follow-

  • If the jackpot is 10000 times higher than the initial bet amount, the slot is a high variance slot.
  • If a slot comes with a jackpot of 5000x to 1000x size of the minimum bet amount, it is a medium variance slot.
  • Slots with less than 5000 times the minimum bet amount are low-variance games.

Factors Affecting the Variance of Slot Games

You can see, often, the prize money, especially the jackpot, has a direct effect on the slots variance. But, there are other factors as well-

The Winning Value

In slot games, the winning value often affects the slot variance. Each winning line comes with a distinct winning value. Hence, fewer winning lines result in dynamic winning values. As a result, the game has a high variance. On the other hand, the slots which offer frequent winnings often come with a low payout range. Hence, the winning value is less in such cases, resulting in a low variance slot game.

Bonuses are also Closely Tied with Variance

Slot bonuses and free spins also affect the variance of the game. The slots with higher amounts of bonuses usually come with lower Hutt frequency. That means you have a lesser chance of winning the jackpot. As a result, often, the game becomes highly volatile with high variance.

If you come across in-game bonuses like free spins frequently inside a game, consider it a high variance game. On the other hand, games with only a few bonuses come with a low variance rate, meaning that you have a higher chance of winning small and even larger payouts.

The Bet Amount is another Factor

The bet amount also affects the variance of any online slot game. If the minimum bet is higher, the game will have a higher variance. In the case of low variance slots, the bet amount is usually lower side, winning $10.

The games with higher bet amount often come with a few winning reels. That results, in a hard-hitting jackpot, hence the high variance. On the other hand, games with low bets usually award frequent small winnings, hence the lower variance.


Slot variance is an essential factor for finding out the best game as per your expertise. With so many factors lying behind the game, you need to understand each aspect of a slot game to understand its variance. 

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