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Online Slot Games- Myths And The Reality

Online Slot Games- Myths And The Reality

Like any other game, online slots also have a fair share of myths. Here find all about these myths and the reality of the scenarios.

Online slot games seem to be an enigma. These are easy to play, are so fun and exciting. You can play casino games at the comfort of your home and can win real money and other prizes. The sheer popularity has resulted in different games and some apparent myths. Are these myths true? Let’s find the real facts.

Myth 1: The Online Slot Games are biased

 It is a common myth that online slot games are rigged and biased with higher horse edges. But, there is validation to this popular myth. Online casino games are unbiased and accurate. These games use unique software called Random Number Generator (RNG). The software has nearly 4 billion numbers. Each number is associated with a fixed result. While players spin the virtual zloty, the RNG picks up a random number and displays the result related to this number. The RNG also does not store your past results. Hence, the game remains unbiased, and its past results do not affect the upcoming outcomes.

That means each online slot game offers you a fair chance of winning- you need the Lady luck on your side!

Myth 2: The Virtual Slot Games have Cycles of Losses and Wins

 The myth resulted because everyone will win at some points of gaming, but not every time. But, the truth is there are no such cycles. The RNG uses random numbers to choose the outcome. Each spin results in a new number and a new outcome. It keeps the game unbiased and fresh, which means you can win repeated jackpots or even lose repeatedly in a machine. It is up to your playing mettle to score better.

Myth 3: Casinos do not Pay until They Recover their Losses

Well, slot games do come with a lower house edge. Thus, virtual casinos have a lesser margin. But, that does not mean the casinos always lose. In reality, online casinos will have a house edge for each slot game. That means the casinos will always make a profit, irrespective of the game outcome. Hence, your winnings or losses will not affect their house edge.

The casinos pay you according to the game outcomes, which are decided by the RNG software. There is no such thing like the myth says. The casinos will pay whatever you win. It is up to your luck to get the more winning combinations.

Myth 4: Using Bonuses Decreases Your Winning Chances

This myth is also not true. A lot of people think that using bonuses will reduce their chances of winning. It is a misconception. Online slot games are fair and offer an equal opportunity to each player in each session. Hence, you will get the same accuracy irrespective of the bonus you use.


Gambling games like online slots often involve effective strategies and lucks. However, it has resulted in some myths associated with this game. However, most of these myths are false. Many online casinos like qqslot777 offer accurate and unbiased slot games. Hence, if you can play smartly, you will get to win prizes and real money.

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