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Is gambling good or bad

Is gambling good or bad

Gambling is the industry which always remains in the talk of the town. Many people say that gambling is good for them and for others also due to its so many benefits. On the other hand, there are many people who don’t think like this. According to them, gambling is a curse for society and for the people who do it. Let’s talk more about this in detail while discussing some of its good and some bad sides.

Good sides of gambling

Quick money

One of the very important factors for which people want to do gambling is its money factor. How quickly you can get the money here, without doing any labour, no job or business can do that for you, especially if you don’t have any particular degree of talent in any field.

No labour and degree required

As you know above too that there is no labour or degree required. If you will go to apply for any job, people will ask you for some degree for that job and that is not the end actually. After that, you will also have to face the interview and some written tests most of the time. And even if you get selected, you will have to work, 8 to 10 hours per day. In gambling, the case is very different. Here, no degree, interview, written test etc are required and you also get more money than the money earned by doing some job.

Bad sides of gambling

Loss of money

Now if we talk about the bad side of gambling, the money is also the bad factor here. It is so because, not all the time you win money here. Most of the time people lose their money here.

The people who do gambling are not considered among the elite people in society. People address them in a very bad manner and they also lose their credibility in society and in the family as well.

Just like above discussed things there are many other things which can be mentioned as the good and bad sides of gambling. It’s all on a person how he sees it. Use it in a good way then it is good and uses it in a bad way, then it is bad. Maybe you have some different point of view than mine.

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