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Important Terms of Roulette

Important Terms of Roulette

Just like all the games, there are some words that make the way of learning this game easier. There are many words which you must know about. In this article, we will talk about a few of some very important terms of this game.

House edge

The term house edge is important to know when we talk about or want to know what profit is being received by the casinos from each game player. The house edge is a type of mathematical expression which shows the profit earned by the casino in every bet of every single player. The more numbers or pockets on the wheel, the more house edge would be there and fewer chances of winning by the player.

American roulette

In generally used roulette, there are 36 numbers including one 0. This is used widely in most of the gambling areas or casinos. In American roulette, there is one more pocket, it means there are a total of 37 numbers including two pockets of zeros. In one pocket, there is just one 0 and in the second pocket, there are two zeros as 00.

Biased wheel

In the general wheel, the chances of all numbers to win are equally probable. However, this is not in the case of the biased wheel. In a biased wheel, the probability of winning for some numbers is more than others and for some, it is less than others. There are many numbers who rarely win the game. The people who have great knowledge of these wheels earn a lot without losing much.


This is a type of the same post which is known as a dealer in other games. The job of a croupier is to manage all the games and observe everything related to the game.


The meaning of this pocket is not that in which we keep the currencies or any small things in our shirts, pants, or jackets.

On each wheel, some numbers are printed on some black or red color sectoral areas of the wheel. These sectoral areas are known as pockets.


Though with the above words you can start learning this game very easily. However, if you want to be the master of this game, you need to know many other terms also. While playing and practicing this game, you would interact with them and most probably you will learn them also.

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