Break The Bank Bingo Rules

It is the customer’s responsibility to read, understand and comply with all the rules posted on the website.

Break The Bank Bingo encourages responsible gambling; therefore, customers may request at any time to be excluded from our software.

Break The Bank Bingo has the right to change the Rules and Terms-and-Conditions when needed; without giving prior notification to its customers.

Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to close any account at any time for any reason.

Break The Bank Bingo also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to add or terminate any games, service or promotional offer at any time and for any reason without giving any prior notice to its customers.

Use of our Bingo and/or Casino software constitutes agreement with all Break The Bank Bingo Rules and Terms-and-Conditions. In case of a dispute, all decisions made by Break The Bank Bingo will be final.

In the event that Break The Bank Bingo determines a customer to be a professional gambler, Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to retroactively disqualify the account from using our promotions and services. Furthermore, Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to annul any and all winnings and return the deposit to the customer. Such accounts may be closed and the player barred from playing at Break The Bank Bingo’s sole discretion. Alternatively, any such so-called expert accounts may be allowed to remain open as no-bonus accounts, meaning that no bonuses or BBs may ever be redeemed by the player.

The customer agrees that Break The Bank Bingo, or a payment processing company on Break The Bank Bingo’s behalf, hereafter referred to as “the Payment Processor”, will handle any and all financial transaction requests. The customer further agrees that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold or deny any transaction should the Payment Processor have a reason to believe or suspect that the customer may be engaging in, or have engaged in, fraudulent, collusion, unlawful, or improper activity.

Some Payment Processors pre-approve transactions, to be processed in a batch process later. If your transaction happens to be declined at the time of this batch process, and if there are earnings generated from a pre-approved deposit, winnings from that transaction will be annulled.

The customer further agrees not to dispute, charge back, cancel, renounce or otherwise reverse any charges or deposits made to or by Break The Bank Bingo. In the case of any such action, the customer hereby agrees to refund and compensate Break The Bank Bingo for said unpaid transactions as well as any expenses incurred by Break The Bank Bingo in the process of collecting said payments.

Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to request further documentation in case that Break The Bank Bingo is not able to verify the customer’s identity to fully complete the verification process.

Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to or retroactively deny bonuses and/or annul earnings if any of the following events occur:

  • The customer has more than one active Break The Bank Bingo account (unless given prior explicit approval by the management team);
  • A mismatch between the name on the customer’s Break The Bank Bingo account and the name on the credit card(s) used to deposit into that account;
  • The same payment method is being used by different accounts without prior, explicit approval by the management team (e.g. – an e-wallet account or credit/debit card);
  • Incorrect, false or misleading account information was used to register the player’s Break The Bank Bingo account;
  • The customer has allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) another individual to use their Break The Bank Bingo account;
  • The customer is found by Break The Bank Bingo to be using a professional gambling and/or betting pattern (i.e. Using even bet pattern whilst betting on Roulette games), that the customer has been found to be cheating or that the customer has been found to have employed a system (i.e. machines, computers, software or any other form of automation) not explicit approved by the management of Break The Bank Bingo. In all such cases, the customer will be reimbursed for their deposit and their accounts on our website and on our sister-websites will be permanently closed;
  • The customer has deliberately disputed charges for and/or “charged back” any of the monies deposited into their Break The Bank Bingo account or any of our sister websites.

Promotional offers extended to players are designed to increase playtime and assist players in their efforts to enjoy themselves. If at any point a player’s lifetime withdrawals exceeds 60% of their lifetime deposits, this assistance will no longer be provided. The account will be categorized as a negative account and will be restricted from being able to claim no-deposit bonuses (such as bonus bucks, cashback insurance and free chips) and deposit bonuses featuring BOTH no playthrough requirements AND no maximum cashout limits. The account will still be able to claim bonuses featuring no playthrough requirements OR no maximum cashout limits, but not bonuses which feature both. Any bonuses requested by these accounts will have to be credited manually by the Customer Service team.

Daily Raffle Prizes:

Raffle prizes will not be credited until an account matches the same criteria to receive a no-deposit bonus.

  • Cash raffle prizes are subject to the following terms: Valid for play on all allowed games | 1x playthrough requirement | subject to the withdrawal terms & conditions of the last deposit made on the day for which the raffle was won.
  • Bonus raffle prizes are subject to the following terms: Valid for play on Bingo, Slots & Keno games only | Playthrough: 3x Bingo or 30x Slots & Keno | subject to the withdrawal terms & conditions of the last deposit made on the day for which the raffle was won.
  • Raffle awards may not be used to pay tournament entry fees.
  • Break The Bank Bingo will not notify players of their raffle wins, players will need to check the Live Leaderboards page, visible after they have logged into the website, after 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern time on the day after they deposited to see who the winners were for the previous day.
  • Raffle entries are not credited automatically. To claim their daily raffle entries, players will need to go to the Daily Raffle page of the Live Leaderboards and click on the Join Now button. This will credit any raffles earned from deposits, any additional raffles from specific bonuses used will need to be credited by the Live Help team.

General Bonus Terms & Conditions:

All bonuses offered by Break The Bank Bingo come with terms and conditions in regards to which games may be played, how much wagering must take place before a withdrawal may be requested and how much may actually be requested for withdrawal. The terms and conditions for a given bonus will apply until another bonus or deposit (with or without a bonus) has been made. In the absence of a specific term & condition, the following terms and conditions will apply:

  • Valid for use on bingo, slots & keno games only | Playthrough: 3x on Bingo or 30x on Slots & Keno | 10x maximum withdrawal.

Whenever a deposit bonus or no-deposit bonus has a playthrough requirement the playthrough requirement will be calculated as: (deposit, if any, + bonus, if any) x the largest playthrough multiplier, subject to the games played by the player after the bonus was claimed.

  • Example: a player has claimed a deposit bonus with a 3x playthrough on bingo, a 30x playthrough on slots & keno and a 45x playthrough on all other allowed games. They make wagers on both the bingo and slot machines. The slots playthrough multiplier is used as it is larger than the bingo playthrough multiplier. The “other allowed games” multiplier is not used as the player did not play the other allowed games. Their playthrough calculation is: deposit amount + bonus amount received since the deposit but before the withdrawal x30 because they played slots.

The following games are excluded from the phrase “allowed games”. Play on any of these games will result in forfeiture of winnings and the account balance will be zeroed; the deposit + bonus, deposit-without-bonus or no-deposit bonus will then be credited to the account again so that the player may play without wagering on an excluded game: Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon 21, Roulette, Sic Bo and War.

For players from the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Germany and United Kingdom; when using a bonus which allows play on blackjack or when using a deposit-without-a-bonus, there will be a 120x wager requirement on the Blackjack game and all variations of that game. This term supersedes all other bonus terms and conditions.

Accounts with pending withdrawals do not qualify to receive any type of bonus, including BBs.

In the event that the customer accrue a quantity of winnings in excess of the maximum withdrawal amount stipulated by the bonus coupon, any excess funds will be removed whether or not the withdrawal has been processed. These excess funds cannot be used in combination with another promotional offer, as fun money to play with or be wagered in order to build up free comp or reward points.

Eligibility: On occasion, players will not qualify to claim a bonus which Break The Bank Bingo has offered them, or a player will be informed of a bonus Break The Bank Bingo has extended to a specific group of players via a 3rd party. In such cases the player should not use that bonus until they qualify for it. In the event that a player claims a bonus for which they do not qualify, all winnings will be null and void and the account balance zeroed. If there was a deposit involved, the deposit will be returned to the account balance and the player may claim a more appropriate bonus.

Break The Bank Bingo maintains and contributes to a shared database of customers of skill levels which are above average. If a customer has been identified as such a player (an “Advanced”, “Expert”, “Master” or “Skilled” player) at any of the following casinos: 123 Bingo Online, Bingo Flash, 123 Slots Online, Bingo Knights, Club Player, Cool Cat, Dreams Casino, Melina Bingo, Palace of Chance, Prism Casino, Ruby Slots, Slots of Vegas, The Virtual Casino, Vegas Strip Casino, and/or Wild Vegas; they will not be eligible to receive any bonuses at Break The Bank Bingo. Such accounts will become cash-only accounts. For accounts identified as such, any winnings will become null and void, the account balance will be zeroed and the deposit returned to the account balance. Any no-deposit bonus claimed will not be re-credited to the account.

Deposit Bonuses: All deposits made on Break The Bank Bingo may earn a deposit bonus, which will be credited immediately upon redemption of a specific bonus code.

Deposit bonus codes should be claimed immediately after a deposit has been made but before any wagers have been placed. Making a wager before a bonus code has been claimed indicates to the casino that you do not wish to be subject to any bonus terms and conditions and have decided to forego a bonus (referred to hereafter as a deposit-without-a-bonus). When this happens, a bonus can no longer be claimed. Should this rule be violated, all winnings will be void and account balance will be zeroed before the deposit is returned to the account balance.

Deposit Bonuses are non-cashable, meaning that when a customer withdraws their winnings, the bonus money will be removed from the total withdrawal amount (i.e. – should a customer redeem a $500 bonus and withdraw $1500, $500 will be removed from the withdrawal, leaving $1000). In the event that the software debits any bonus money from a player’s balance when they request their withdrawal, this amount will be deducted from the amount of bonus which needs to be paid back.

Regarding the Mixing Funds: Mixing or combining more than 1 bonus offer or the combination of a bonus with a deposit-without-a-bonus, unless specifically allowed by that bonus’s terms and conditions, is strictly prohibited. Should this occur, all winnings will be null and void. Break The Bank Bingo will zero the player’s account balance and the oldest offending no-deposit bonus or deposit + bonus will be added again. Once those funds the player’s account balance is $5 or less and they have neither pending withdrawals nor pending-pre-purchased bingo games, the next zeroed no-deposit bonus or deposit + bonus can be credited.

Should it ever occur that an account be allowed to be subject to more than 1 set of bonus terms & conditions, such as when a player claims a deposit bonus on top of a Players Reward Card bonus-deposit, then the more restrictive terms shall apply. For example, if a player makes a Player Reward Card bonus deposit and then claims a deposit bonus with no playthrough and no maximum cashout, the more restrictive terms from the Player Rewards Card will apply.

No Play / No Max Deposit Bonuses: these are bonuses defined as any deposit bonus featuring No wagering requirement and No maximum cashout amount; also referred to as a “no-rules bonus”.

Accounts whose lifetime withdrawals exceed 60% of their lifetime deposits do not qualify to use this type of bonus.

Play on any of the following games is strictly prohibited when using a no-rules bonus: blackjack, craps, roulette, poker (all types, including video poker), roulette or any other table game. Should this rule be violated all winnings will be forfeit, the account balance zeroed and the deposit + bonus returned to the account balance.

Players Rewards Card (PRC) Deposits: Break The Bank Bingo has contracted a 3rd party to undertake some marketing endeavors on its behalf. One of these parties is Players Rewards Card. PRC cards may be mailed or emailed to selected players. PRC cards may be used to make a deposit on Break The Bank Bingo.

  • PRC Free Money Deposits: funds given to the player via a PRC card are subject to the terms and conditions found on A deposit bonus may be claimed on top of this free money deposit, but the most restrictive terms from both the PRC Free Money and the deposit bonus claimed will apply.

    Funds from a PRC Free Money deposit may not be used to enter any tournaments or promotions. Such free money deposits will also not qualify a player to enter a deposit or promotion dependent upon a deposit being made. Likewise, PRC Free Money deposits may not be used to attain or qualify for any VIP benefits or any deposit-dependent promotional offer.

  • PRC Reload (real-money) Deposit: players may reload their PRC with real money. When they do this, any PRC deposit they make with that money is treated as a real-money deposit and the terms & conditions from the PRC website will no longer apply. A deposit bonus may be claimed on top of a PRC real-money deposit as normal.

No-Deposit Bonuses: these bonuses do not require a deposit in order to be credited. In order to be credited with a no-deposit bonus an account must meet the following requirements: 1) the account balance must be $5 or less; 2) there must not be any pending withdrawals in the account; and 3) there must not be any pending pre-purchased bingo cards in the account.

  • General No-Deposit Bonus Terms & conditions: Valid for play on Bingo, Slots & Keno games only | Playthrough: 3x on Bingo or 30x on Slots & Keno | 2x maximum withdrawal or $100 (whichever is greater).
  • Free Sign-up Bonus: Customers may withdraw a maximum and minimum of $100 of their winnings from the Free Sign-up Bonus after meeting the following playthrough requirements: 3x on Bingo, 30x on Slots & Keno or 45x on other allowed games.

    This offer is valid for NEW account holders from accepted countries and regions only. It may be claimed by only one (1) account per household, shared computer, physical address and/or internet connection. If this policy is violated or abused in any way, such as with multiple accounts, all offending accounts may be closed without notice with all winnings forfeit.

  • Other No-Deposit Bonuses: in the absence of a specific term or condition the General Bonus Terms & Conditions (above) will apply.
  • Sequential Redemption Clause: players may not redeem free chips sequentially; meaning that if the last bonus claimed by the account was a free chip, then a deposit (with or without a deposit bonus) must be made before another free chip may be claimed. Violation of this policy will result in the forfeiture of winnings, if any.
  • BBs (Bonus Bucks): These are a type of non-cashable bonus which must be paid back to the casino if a withdrawal is requested. In all cases, only those BBs which were won AFTER the deposit + deposit bonus, deposit-without-bonus or no-deposit bonus which resulted in the winnings being withdrawn will be deducted; any BBs won prior to that event will NOT be deducted.

In order to receive Chat BBs: 1) the account must have had a real-money deposit made earlier that day or during the 9 days previous; 2) the account must have purchased a minimum of 3 cards for the game which featured the chat BB prize; 3) the account must not have any pending withdrawals; and 4) the account must NOT be under the terms and conditions of a bonus featuring both “no playthrough” and “no maximum cashout”, unless this is explicitly allowed by the bonus’ terms & conditions.

Players may be credited a maximum quantity of chat BBs equal to 3x the sum total of all deposits made into the account on the current day as well as during the 9 days previous. This rolling time period may result in situations where a player cannot be credited additional BBs. Should this ever happen, the player may make a new deposit and be credited up to 3x the amount of that deposit in additional chat BBs. The Chat Host crediting the chat game may have to contact the Customer Service team to have those BBs credited manually. This 3x limit does not affect BBs which originate from promotional games or raffles. When in doubt, please consult with the Chat Host or Customer Service staff.

Cashback Insurance: this bonus is offered to players as a second chance to win back there deposit, if their first attempt wasn’t so lucky. Cashback Insurance is only available if a bonus explicitly offers it and is subject to the following terms and conditions, which may be further modified by a bonuses specific terms & conditions:

  • For deposits less than $100, 50% of the amount deposited will be credited as cash.
  • For deposits of $100 or more, 100% of the amount deposited will be credited as cash.
  • Valid for play on all bingo, slots & keno games | Playthrough: 3x on Bingo or 30x on Slots & Keno | 1x max withdrawal or $100 (whichever is greater).

Cashback insurance may be transferred to Treasure Island in order to play those games, but play is still restricted to Bingo, Slots & Keno games only.

Unless explicit permission is granted by the Break The Bank Bingo management staff, cashback insurance may not be accumulated. If another deposit is made before the cashback insurance for the previous deposit has been claimed, then the cashback for that previous deposit will be forfeit.

Cashback insurance will not be available if the originating deposit resulted in a withdrawal. This rule supersedes any cashback insurance offered by a bonus.

Cashback insurance may not be used to pay the entry fee for tournaments and promotions.

Customers need to have a deposit made within the last 60 days to make a withdrawal request.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

If a promotional bonus offer’s playthrough requirement has not been satisfied at the time that the withdrawal is requested, the withdrawal will be denied.

Customers may have ONE (1) withdrawal per week or seven (7) day period from our network websites.

Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to break larger withdrawal amounts into smaller payments, issuing one payment per week until the total withdrawal amount has been paid in full.

Customers may be sent up to $1250 per week and up to $5000 per month. VIP Players may be allowed more per week and per month at the discretion of the Withdrawals Team.

Prior to requesting their first withdrawal, customers MUST send us the documents as mentioned in the Documents Required section. This will ensure that the withdrawal reaches the correct person. Information submitted MUST match the details listed in their account profile (name, address, Date of birth, phone number and email address).

Break The Bank Bingo reserves the right to process any withdrawals using the same method(s) used to fund the account wherever possible; in the event of a withdrawal delay Break The Bank Bingo will look for the best available method in order to process the withdrawal.

If a withdrawal is cancelled or reversed, it will not qualify to receive any type of bonus. Additionally, neither Reward nor Comp Points may be collected on a cancelled withdrawal that has been returned to a customer’s account balance.

Withdrawals are processed daily, Monday through Friday, and will be approved or denied within 4-7 business days. Approved withdrawals are then sent for payment within the next 10-14 business days. Subsequent withdrawal requests will be considered upon completion of the previous withdrawal request made (if any).

Once a payout is requested, the customer may forfeit a percentage of any deposit bonuses still in their account balance equal to the percentage of cash monies withdrawn from the account.

Customers will be paid via the fastest and most suitable payment method. International check payments made are Account Payee checks or Crossed checks.

  • Customers must deposit the check into a bank account bearing their name.
  • The customer must deposit the check within 30 days of receipt by going inside their bank and using the teller; check may not be deposited into an automated teller machine. Any delay could result in the check no longer being cashable.
  • Checks may not be taken to a check cashing/clearing business under any circumstances.
  • Checks may not be endorsed to a third party.
  • Under no circumstances should a customer mention that the check is related to online gaming.
  • If any of the above conditions regarding checks are not met, the Break The Bank Bingo will not be held liable and the check payment will not be reissued.

Processing Fees and Limitations: All withdrawals may incur a processing fee of up to $40, depending on the payment processor and/or withdrawal amount.

  • Due to 3rd party processing limitations or policies, the withdrawal amount paid or processed to players may vary on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Due to limitations enforced by third party payment processors, a withdrawal may be split in to multiple payments, each with a separate approval time.

All funds should be in the customer’s Bingo account when they request the withdrawal.

Customers should not have any pending withdrawals on any of the Break The Bank Bingo Network websites when making the withdrawal request.

For any concerns regarding withdrawals, please contact our Customer Service team.