Play Online Bingo – Discover the Thrill

If you play online bingo, you probably have contributed to some good cause, directly or indirectly. Ever wondered how could you possibly help someone else by playing this simple game? Did you know that Bingo is the most popular & sought after fundraiser? It can even be bigger than a celebrity doing a stage shows as charity events?

This easy and simple game has been with us for a few hundred years now, and most likely is the oldest game that is still played. With little changes in the name and the way it is played. With 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo being the most widely played forms of this game, there are several interesting variations of this game that evolved recently. There have been some specific conditions altered to make the game more interesting and fun.

Play Online Bingo Variations – The Next Level Of Fun

  • Horizontal, Vertical & Diagonal Bingo – To play bingo online for just these three variations separately makes the game much more interesting and comparatively fast. As the name suggests, Horizontal ends when you mark all numbers in a horizontal row, and so on for vertical and diagonal.
  • Super Bowl Bingo – The super bowl is a commonly watched sport, you can plan to play bingo alongside and double the fun. Special card grids are available to host such event. What a great way to socializing with friends over both super bowl and bingo.
  • Speed Bingo – Speed bingo would be the perfect choice if you want to take a quick breather from your workload at the office. With an average of 30 seconds per game, you can enjoy a few games easily over a cup of coffee.
    Play online bingo
  • Alphabet Bingo – A very easy and interesting way to teach your child or student to recognize and differentiate alphabets. This variation is very popular among parents as well as teachers. Instead of numbers, the 26 alphabets are used on card grids.
  • Saints and Sinners Bingo – This is a very interesting variation which can be played by a group of people interacting with each other in an online hall. Unlike the other forms, instead of only marking off numbers of a pre-decided pattern, players receive ‘lucky charm’ or ‘temptation’. This may help to win the game or stop someone else from winning the jackpot.
  • Progressive Bingo – If you play online bingo games to make serious money, then progressive games are the way to go. They have a constantly increasing jackpot until someone hits it.