How to Play Bingo- Easy as ABC

Learn How to Play Bingo with no complex rules and no hardcore strategies! Learning how to play bingo on Break the Bank is just as simple as ABC. But before you learn how to play bingo, let’s have a look on the various games featured on Break the Bank.

75 Ball Bingo Game

Let’s begin with 75 ball that has taken over the hearts worldwide with its simple and swift gameplay! See this enthralling American game at its best on Break the Bank Bingo!

The game play remains the same wherein you are supposed to match up the 24 numbers on your 5X5 card to create a respective pattern. The only difference remains that the 75 ball bingo games on Break the Bank pay you pretty good prizes.

The patterns on the 75 ball version range from simple straight lines to the more complex ones like Cruise ship patterns. Bingo patterns on Break the Bank Bingo are divided into two categories namely, static and crazy patterns. Static patterns remain stable and doesn’t move whereas the crazy patterns keep rotating from 90° to 180° and from 180° to 270°.

90 Ball Bingo Game

Promising you a whole of bingo games, we feature the 90 ball in its most original form in our Ruby Bingo Room. This will take you to the classic bingo rooms of Britain. To win, just match up the 15 numbers on your 9X3 card and win pretty prizes. The patterns that you can game on in the 90 ball bingo game includes, corners, one line, two lines and full house. Full house is the longest playing and highest pay out pattern. In order to win the full house 90-ball bingo game, you must cover all the 15 numbers on your card.

How to Play Bingo

As we said earlier that learning how to play bingo on Break the Bank is very easy! Just glance through the how to play bingo steps below to find out how simple it can be.

How to Play Bingo Now
  • Decide the bingo game that you want to play.
  • Based on your choice of game, choose and enter into any of the five bingo rooms featured on Break the Bank.
  • Select and purchase your choice of cards and wait for the game to begin.
  • The pattern that plays in the game is featured on the top left side of the room.
  • When the game starts, you can see the numbers being called out on the top right side of the room you are in.
  • The numbers that are called out get highlighted on the board displayed on the extreme right side of the room.
  • While the numbers are being called out, you can enjoy the enthralling chat games hosted by our lively chat hosts.
  • When the bingo game is over, the name(s) of the winner(s) is announced and displayed on the screen.

Card Buying Options

Before a bingo game begins playing, you are given a time of about two minutes to select and purchase your choice of cards.

  • To select a card, just click on the card that you wish to purchase. And to purchase a card simply click on the BUY option on the extreme left side of the screen after selecting the cards.
  • You can change cards only before pressing the buy card option. And to change the bingo card that you have already selected, just click on it again to de-select it.
  • If you are in a hurry, we have a quick buy option for you! Quick buy feature lets you buy 3, 6, 9 12, 18, 24 or MAX cards at one time. However, this option doesn’t give you the liberty to select your own cards as the computer picks up the cards randomly for you.
  • If you want to buy cards before hand, go for a pre-buy card option. Choose the date, time and room for which you want to pre-buy cards. After which you can type in the number of cards that you wish to pre-order in the box right next to the game you want to play bingo on.