Bingo Jackpots – Get Rich Quick

No matter how much you condemn the idea of getting rich overnight, you can’t deny the fact that everyone, at some point in time or other fantasizes becoming rich by quick means. It’s actually not the idea, but the vehicle chosen to achieve quick riches is often looked down, or frowned upon. Being a part of petty “get rich quick” schemes may not be a very good option; however, there still are legit ways to shoot for the stars, and Bingo Jackpots is one of the best known of them.

Types of Jackpots

Several types of Jackpots are offered while you play bingo jackpot games online including Promotional Jackpots for new players, Holiday Jackpots during festive seasons, Coverall or Random Jackpots and the most anticipated of all, the Progressive Jackpots. You can choose to go after one and stick to your commitment until you actually win it.

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Progressive Jackpots – A Progressive Jackpot could be won regardless of whether you are playing 75, 80 or 90 ball Bingo. Progressive Jackpots usually start with a fair (not large) sum of money and a pre decided number of calls, winner has to call bingo as per the type of game within the stipulated number of calls and the prize money keeps increasing after every game until the Jackpot is won.

Coverall (Random) Jackpots – Random Jackpots start with a large amount of prize money which decreases with every game passing by if not won, and Coverall Jackpots reduce the prize money as the number of calls increase. The numbers of calls are limited in both Random and coverall Jackpot games, the only difference is of the prize money reducing per game and per call if not won.

Guaranteed Jackpots – Guaranteed Jackpot Bingo games are played by maximum number of users online, because of the simple understanding of the prize money. Unlike other jackpots or wins, there is no deduction, or extra money that goes off behind the door, and the amount advertised is the exact amount you get in your bank account.

With the increasing number of online bingo players worldwide by millions each day, the amount to be won has also increased including Bingo Jackpots going up-to even millions of dollars as prize money. Unlike the old times, today, the chance to get rich overnight by all the legal means is available to everyone who has a PC and internet at home.