90 Ball Bingo – Maximum Numbers; Maximum Fun

Apart from the fact 90 ball bingo is an opportunities to win money, this is also a game of excitement and fun which has evolved to the several forms of it played worldwide today. Played mostly in the UK and parts of Europe, 90 Ball Bingo is suitable if you like your games to last a little longer. It’s not only the number of calls that makes 90 ball different than other bingo games but the simple patterns to win and an easy card grid alignment.

Nail the 90 Ball Bingo

  • 90 ball bingo is comparatively a slow, simple and easy game with easy pre-decided patterns. These easy to understand cards are also known as ticket grids.
  • The game card has three rows and nine columns, there are five numbers distributed randomly in each row, with four empty blocks.
  • The numbers distributed on the card range from 1 to 90 and you can play with a maximum of 48 cards at a time.
    Play 90 ball bingo
  • The first row has numbers from 1-10, second row from 11-20 and so on up until the ninth column. If you buy a stack of 6 tickets, you will have all ninety numbers to strike off on each call.
  • One line, two line and full house are the three basic patterns to win in 90 ball bingo games. A player who first strikes off all 5 numbers in the 1st horizontal row of any ticket, wins the one line prize.
  • Similarly, marking off the 2nd complete row before others, gets you the two line bonus. If you are able to get all the 15 numbers on a ticket, the full house jackpot is yours.
  • Whether you are at work trying to cool off for half an hour or at home looking for some entertainment while playing your luck, we have the best of 90 ball games for you.
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The norms and ways to play this fun filled family game might have changed overtime but not the basic necessity of humans to socialize and network with like – minded people. Earlier it was done in the churches on Sunday get-togethers as a way to bond. As many land based halls are closing down, the preferred way to play is in the virtual online bingo halls. This is because of our fast-paced lifestyle bound by our modern society.