80 Ball Bingo-The New Avatar

80 ball bingo is one of the biggest transformations of this game to be played online. It has been observed that many players find 75 ball games a little less fulfilling and 90 ball games to be lengthy enough to bore at times. As a result 80 Ball Bingo came into existence and is gaining popularity. This is partly due to it’s rapid time saver calling and several other advantages over its predecessors.

Enticing 80 Ball Bingo

  • Initially called shutter board bingo, it works the same. A few new additions make this game more exciting.
  • The tickets in 80-ball Bingo are categorized columns & rows. Each of them distinguished by different colors and the cards are marked off by closing the slides to cover them.
  • The call board consists of five rows of 16 digits and a total of 80 possible digits which are further divided into four colors. Each set have a interval of 20 numbers, such as numbers 1 to 20 are red, 21 to 40 are yellow, 41 to 59 are blue and 60 and 80 are silver.
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  • 80 ball Bingo is played at a relatively faster pace than both 75 and 90 ball Bingo.
  • To play the 80 ball version of Bingo, you have to first select the cards with a click of your mouse. The ticket you’ve selected will be highlighted and will have “Ticket selected” mentioned against it. Once you click on “Buy Tickets” the cards you chose will change color and have “Ticket Bought” written.
  • Anyone who has ever played 75 or 90 ball Bingo can play the 80 ball game easily.
  • Register yourself, get the free $25 in your account and start spinning the ball.
  • With the exciting patterns of the superb 80 ball game – horizontal line, diagonal line, vertical line, big X, letter S, and Double line.
  • Better than ever, sophisticated online halls, chat rooms and glitch free “auto-daub” feature will ensure that you enjoy a fair game play.

Today 75 ball bingo has its roots deep in the American hearts and 90 ball bingo a huge follower ship in the UK. 80 ball bingo games are gaining popularity among online players from all over the world due to the freshness and distinctive features of this pattern oriented game.